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Prepare Yourself

If catastrophe struck today, what would you do?
How Prepared Are You?

Check Yourself

Take the worst case scenario. A flash flood. Your community is isolated. Maybe you have a sick child at home.
  • How much food you have?
  • How much clean water do you have?
  • When did you last inventory your first aid kit.
  • How many fresh batteries do you have?
  • Does your family have a backup plan?

We are not trying to scare you. In fact, it isn't until an emergency hits that we find out how really resilient and resourceful we are.

At Foreseen Solutions, our supply kits are designed with that resilience in mind.

Check out our Starter Kit

You’ll Be Ready, Everywhere

Here are just a few of the preparation kits we will be rolling out.


Our Starter Kit is an essentials package for your home. Perfect for short term blackouts, brownouts, or brief periods of unexpected isolation in rural areas.

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FS-0002 Auto

If you drive a lot, you may find yourself at the mercy of many different climates and conditions. The FS-002 can keep you safe and stable should the worst happen.

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FS-0003 Harvest

Are you prepared for a serious supply shortage? Be the first to start community gardening with seed packets, growing medium, lights, and other hardware.

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